Looking for a Great Cup Coffee? Check Out The Generator Coffee House and Bakery

Parkside at Firewheel

One of the best reasons to move into our  Garland luxury apartments is that you have access to many places to go and things to see and do. If you are like many people, you will want your delicious and refreshing morning cup of brew to get you started in your day. With that being said, one of the best Garland TX coffee shops is the Generator Coffee … [Read more...]

Our Two Bedroom Garland Apartments Have Great Space and Function

Living Room

If you're looking for an apartment with great space and function, our two bedroom Garland apartments is the place to look. The apartments are big providing you with enough space to fit all your belongings. The master bedroom also known as front bedroom is spacious and beautiful. It has a bay window with a beautiful view. The apartments have a fresh, … [Read more...]

Maximize the Natural Light in Your Garland Apartment

Natural Light

Natural light does wonders for turning your apartment into a bright and inviting space. But what if your windows just do not let in as much light as you would like? Don't despair. There are little things you can do throughout your home to maximize every bit of light coming in. Try these simple tips for starters: Make sure you are actually letting the … [Read more...]

Add Some Spring Flowers to Your Garland Apartment Decor

Parkside at Firewheel

If you're as excited as we are that spring has arrived to our Garland TX apartments, why not enjoy as much of the new season as possible? The next time your head out for a little Garland spring shopping, here are a few ideas to keep in mind so you can bring some of the fresh spring season indoors to your apartment. When you're decorating for spring, … [Read more...]

Looking for Something Different to Eat in Dallas? Check Out These Trendy Dallas Restaurants

Parkside at Firewheel

Sometimes you choose a place to eat based on tradition or cuisine, and sometimes you choose it because everyone else seems to be going there lately. Luckily, just because trendy Dallas restaurants are popular, doesn't mean they aren't worth checking out. Abacus, located on McKinney Avenue, is one of the hottest 'fine dining' spots in town. They have … [Read more...]

5 Tips for Keeping Spring Pollen Off of Your Car

Parkside at Firewheel

Ah, spring weather. Warm sun, pleasant breezes, and unfortunately sticky pollen all over our cars .At Parkside at Firewheel, we get it. That's part of why we have a parking garage at our Garland apartments. If you can't always park under cover, though, you might appreciate these spring cleaning tips to keep the pollen off (and out of) your … [Read more...]

The City of Garland Has Plenty to Do in the Month of April

Parkside at Firewheel

The Parkside at Firewheel is in a great part of Garland, convenient to downtown, great shopping, and to all of the Garland TX events that happen throughout the year. April is a good month to be in Garland. On April 1 (yes, that April 1) there will be a photo contest at the Granger Recreation Center. The Get Out and PLAY Photo Contest has contests for … [Read more...]

Our Wellness Studio Will Help You Stay in Great Shape at Our Garland Apartments

Parkside at Firewheel

Our Parkside at Firewheel Garland TX apartments have everything you need to maintain a great lifestyle. We are located within walking distance of great shopping options and fantastic restaurants. When walking around the Firewheel Town Center is no longer sufficient exercise check out our Wellness Studio. Regular classes are offered for free, in a … [Read more...]

Spring Shopping is Made Easy With Our Location in Firewheel Town Center

Parkside at Firewheel

With Spring well on its way its time to put away those snow boots and over sized sweaters in exchange for your warm weather wardrobe. Garland TX shopping provides the perfect place to pick out your next outfit by taking a trip to the Firewheel Town Center. About Firewheel Town Center This unique Garland TX shopping center was carefully designed … [Read more...]

Our Free Fitness Classes Make Staying In Shape Easy

Parkside at Firewheel

Staying in shape can sometimes be challenging. At Parkside at Firewheel we offer Garland TX apartment amenities designed to help make it easy and convenient. Our state of the art fitness center includes virtual fitness and a wellness studio. There's plenty of stuff to do to stay healthy. On top of that, we offer a variety of free fitness classes, to suit … [Read more...]