5 Fall Fashion Trends You Can Find at Firewheel Town Center

Shopping for Fall at Firewheel Town Center

Fall is quickly approaching and you'll likely be hitting the stores to purchase new clothes for the cooler weather. Make note of the following fall fashion trends to look for when you're doing your shopping. Look for 60's style mini dresses. Wear these dresses sans tights or a jacket to give them a more summery look. Purchase some items in a … [Read more...]

Make the Most of Your Weekend With These 4 Ideas

Make the most of your weekend

You want to live a productive life and to achieve this you are always working. However, free time is vital to leading a healthy life. So what can you do in your free time? Check out these apartment living tips to help. Make the most of your weekend with these 4 ideas. Actually clear your schedule. It is one thing to have some free time, but on the … [Read more...]

3 Ways Our Apartment Community Can Help You Lose Weight

How Apartments can Help You Lose Weight

Here at Parkside at Firewheel, we aim to nurture our residents' mind, body and spirit through our community amenities package. Nurturing your body by staying fit becomes challenging, especially for busy professionals. With this in mind, we've developed a state of the art fitness center. Use our community amenities to your advantage in an effort to … [Read more...]

See a Movie This Weekend at AMC Firewheel 18

AMC Firewheel 18

What's a great way to beat the heat this summer while still having fun? How about going to see movies at AMC Firewheel? Showing new and second run films, as well as independents and blockbuster studio movies, the Firewheel has something for every viewer! Located on Coneflower Drive, AMC Firewheel 18 has nearly two dozen screens and shows standard … [Read more...]

Start Preparing Now for The Color Up 5k in September

Color Up 5K

Garland is full of fall events for you to take part in and enjoy.  When it comes to Garland fall events for this year, you'll definitely want to prepare yourself for the Color Up 5K coming this September at Granville Arts Center. Garland's Color Up 5K takes place on Saturday September 13th at the Granville Arts Center.  This 5K course runs through … [Read more...]

Clean Your Apartment Easier With These 3 Tips

Aluminum Foil Scrub

The last thing you want to do when the weather is lovely is spend any more time cleaning that you need to. Here are three easy apartment cleaning tips that will make your life so much easier. Aluminum foil It is handy for summer barbecues but did you know that it also helps clean glassware baking dishes? it does. Just roll some up into a ball, … [Read more...]

4 Random Things You Can Do to Improve Your Life at Home

Improving Your Life

When trying to achieve perfection of happiness and health at home, it is not without effort. You don't have to do anything grand or major in order to achieve wellness. Here are 4 random home life tips and ideas you can do to improve your home life. Open your windows. Nothing improves the quality of air at home more than opening your windows. The … [Read more...]

Our Pet Friendly Apartments are Ready for a Furry Friend

Pet Friendly Apartments in Dallas

Pet owners lives are enriched by the furry friends who share their homes, so discovering pet friendly apartments in Garland is a real find. Parkside at Firewheel welcome pets and responsible pet parents. Responsible Pet Ownership What does this term mean? Lifetime commitment. When that cute little animal arrives in your home, it's not just for … [Read more...]

Budget Friendly Decorating Ideas for Your Apartment

Budget Friendly Apartment Decoration

You want to add some decorations to your apartment but don't have the budget to go all out. How do you achieve a nice look without having to spend a fortune? There are some budget apartment decorating ideas you can use. Try these budget friendly decorating ideas for your apartment. You can make a simple table look nice by adding a beautifully … [Read more...]

The Garden Tubs in Our Apartments are Great for Relaxing

Garden Tub

You can experience a better way of life at Parkside. These Garland luxury apartments are designed for a refined lifestyle, from the lighting to the exceptional amenities for residents. One of the best features is in the bathroom. The garden tubs are big and provide relaxation after a long week. Taking a nice, long hot bath is one of the best ways to … [Read more...]